4 JAX Attractions That Will Help You See What The City Has To Offer

Where Florida Begins is where you are going to be when you visit Jacksonville FL. Did you know that? That’s what the city’s motto states, and The River City awaits you. They don’t call it that for nothing. Just wait and see what all you experience when you visit Jacksonville FL.

Jacksonville is a big city, but there are so many parks to visit while you’re there. There are also nature preserves and so many places to be out in nature in general. One of the parks that you can visit is Stockton Park. Its location is off of Ortega Boulevard, and you are going to be right by Johns River. I told you they don’t call it The River City for nothing.

You’re also going to find that Jacksonville FL is known for its unique brewing companies. One of those places to visit is Aardwolf Brewing Company, which is located off of Hendricks Avenue. This JAX brewery has an industrial feel according to the reviews, and of course many people like that. Aardwolf Brewing is said to feature quite the awesome selection of craft beers.

This next attraction has quite the long name. It’s called Guana Pine State Park and Wildlife Management Area. Not only does this state park have nature trails, but some of them are mentioned in the reviews as being along the ocean. People also say that it’s a great place to see shells and shark teeth. In fact, they mention that there are shell mounds there.

Mandarin Museum is an interesting place to stop by, too. This house is located off of Mandarin Road, and it is a museum and historical society. The Mandarin Museum features many artifacts, and reviews say that the place is host to special events throughout the year. There are nature trails in this area, too.

There seem to be nature trails all over Jacksonville. In fact, the more you get familiar with the city’s attractions, the more you’re going to find. For now, you have four great places to stop by that are quite diverse.

Have a wonderful time traveling Jacksonville with the family. Take a river walk, tour the Mandarin Museum, enjoy a nature walk along the beach and much more. JAX has so much to offer its visitors. You can’t visit Jacksonville FL and not have fun. You’re about to discover what all there is to do in The River City.